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Q: Why are you taking our powers away?  I HATE YOU.
A: The whole point of this game is to bring the crack.  People with powers start pissing contests over who's character is stronger.  That's not the point of this game. The point of this game is to relax, have fun and make each other laugh.  Every post you post should have the goal of being funny.  This game is not meant to cause stress. If it stresses you out you're doing it wrong.  For more info about powers and weapons see the longer rules page.

A: If you can make the drama funny keep it coming.  Your character has every right to burst a blood vessel at their powers being gone.  It could be pretty funny to watch them freak out.  If YOU freak out along with them, you're taking it to seriously.  Stop that! Also if your character is too busy moping and crying and whining to play the game, expect to get shot with paintballs.  And if they're not being funny, expect some form of retribution from the Island. It's alive and it demands comedy.

Q: I'm not on a team with my love interest/otp/bestfriend.  You hate me don't you.
A: Nope. It was completely random.  We literally threw names into a bag and yanked em out one at a time. 

Q: Wait, what do you mean the Island will make me suffer?
A: The Island rewards good/funny/active players and punishes people who aren't funny.  The punishments are meant to give you something to work with to make your character funny again. 
Remember, the point of the game is to laugh.  Laugh until you cry and your sides hurt.  This should be a game you cannot read about while drinking anything for fear of spitting it all over your computer.  This game should RELIEVE stress not cause it.  Do NOT take this game seriously. 

Q: I don't want my character to have to do 'insert daily shenanigans'. 

A: No one character is special.  Everyone suffers the same fate so everyone is in the same boat.  If you can relax and try to have fun with it, it'll turn out ok in the long run.  We promise.  If everyone else is doing it, your character should eventually come to grips with the situation and realize everyone else is suffering the same fate.  Brownie points if they take advantage of that suffering in some way to cause some more chaos.

Q: Are you insane?
A: Quite possibly.  But when we joined the game we joined for crack.

Other Helpful Tips!
If say a giant monster starts roaming the Island and someone has already posted "OMG THERE'S A GIANT MONSTER, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!one11!!eleventyone"  Don't post the same exact thing under it, use the already posted one to continue the screaming.  Please post something new for players to work off of, you are welcome to still talk about the monster but add new things.  It will be a first come first serve basis to posting that sort of thing.

Also, if you manage to catch each new happening first, do one and give someone else a chance on the next thing. 

Take charge.  Get your teammates together and figure out if you want to log anything, or summarize the happenings.  Feel free to log in the game post or make your own.  Once you've formulated a plan of attack, talk to enemy teams and work out a battle plan.  Can't decide who get's hit by a paintball in a log?  Use the Coin Flipper.  Its actually really fun to take hits, so don't be a douche and say that nothing hits you all the time. 

Please be as active as possible, don't leave your team in a lurch.  Even if you can only be on for ten minutes one night, just see what's going on and let everyone know what's going on with your character so you can be included!

In this game, you will be given an order of winning before the games begin.   Get creative to figure out how your team is going to make it to the placement you've been given.   Check out the monsters, ghosts (each cabin has it's own ghost) there's also a list of phenomena too.  The map links to a lot of the terrain as well, you can hover over the map or click the links to  the left.

Here are more detailed rules and game play info.


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