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Any powers we ought to know about: These may be modified at the Island's Whim.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: Be funny or go home


Date: 2013-01-26 11:49 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] chacha
chacha: (Default)
Character Name: Chacha
Character Source: Azazukin Chacha
Link to character source info:
Basic info about your character: Hailing from Mount Mochi-Mochi, Chacha is a little apprentice magician under the tutelage of the greatest magician in the world, Seravi-sensei! She attends the Urara School of magic with her friends Riiya and Shiine-chan and loves to makes friends, play, practice magic, and have lots of fun! In the anime specifically she also becomes Magical Princess Holy Up and vanquishes Daimaou's evil henchmen and whatnot, but for the most part it's all about her daily exploits at school as she fervently tries to become a really good magician comparable to Seravi-sensei.

Like the little child that she is, Chacha is a friendly, naive, and completely oblivious to a lot of the adult woes and concerns of the world. When her friends are in trouble she's always there to try her best to help, but often times she can't tell the difference between friend and foe. To her, they're all the same. Magic is a big proponent to who she is, and she loves to use it despite all of the repercussions associated with her fumbles and foibles. Mostly it's an issue of translation. When she tries to summon clouds (kumo), she summons spiders (kumo). When she's in serious trouble only then is when her magic tends to work...sometimes. Often the outcomes of her spells are exaggerated and completely off-base to what would be considered "effective" or "productive" to the cause of casting.

Chacha's overall personality tends to go in multiple directions depending upon the situation. For the most part she has a bright and cheery disposition; but there are times when "batshit crazy" could be thrown into that mix. Not to mention that she's a violent drunk, and a total light-weight because of her age and size. Try not to ponder too much when wondering if she's oblivious or just stupid. Chances are it's a 50-50 combination of both, since she lives in a world where her friends and neighbors aren't exactly rocket scientists by any measure. They live in a bright, happy world of fluff and fantasy...and that tends to do some serious damage to the brain cells.
Any powers we ought to know about: Chacha uses magic, however she is so incompetent with it most of the time that more often than not it tends to hinder the situation rather than help it.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: Where Chacha gives Steve Colbert HUGE MUSCLES...and glitter. Lots and LOTS of glitter.


Date: 2013-01-27 01:12 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] medieval_diabetic
medieval_diabetic: (Default)
Character Name: Hansel
Character Source: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Link to character source info: (SPOILERS, page basically explains the entire story, so don't click if you plan to see the movie soon.)
Basic info about your character: Hansel is more infamously known paired up with his sister, Gretel, about being orphaned at a young age out in the woods only to be lured to a witch's home made entirely of candy. The two of them were captured but they inevitably escaped after trapping the witch in an oven and burning her alive. Since that day, both he and his sister have made a living killing witches with steampunk guns and other various weaponry at their disposal.

For Hansel specifically he's a guy who sees things in black and white, and has moments of socially awkward situations. Due to his ordeal with the 'candy house witch' as a child, Hansel is actually diabetic and must take insulin shots on a regular basis otherwise he dies. Stern, serious, and not the type to talk about any 'inner fuzzy feelings', Hansel's the type of person who aims for a specific task and keeps on it until it's completed.

Any powers we ought to know about: Is resistant to witch-based hexes and curses.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: - I was the former Stiltzkin player.

Date: 2013-01-27 08:58 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] voodoo_revenge
voodoo_revenge: (yay)
Character Name: Kyoko Mogami
Character Source: Skip Beat!
Link to character source info:!
Basic info about your character: Kyoko spent most of her life trying to make everyone around her happy. She ran away to Tokyo with Sho (her childhood friend and first love Shotaro) so that he could start a career in show business instead of having to settle down to the boring life of running an inn. He asked her to join him and she followed blindly glad that he asked her instead of one of his screaming fans. It turns out, he just wanted a maid. She overheard him talking about how he only brought her along to serve him, and he didn't care that she had to quit school and work her fingers to the bone to support him. Kyoko snapped.

The new Kyoko has a very short temper, a very competitive spirit and is a little desperate for a real friend. She's lost the ability to love which has been devoured by a strong desire for vengeance (which she is trying to carry out by crushing Sho with her own entry into show business, where she's actually a remarkably talented actress). Kyoko is a woman driven. She'll do anything to get what she wants, and her obsessive compulsive need to win or do the best (that was started by her mother's cold rejection of any of her younger accomplishments) is now a full fledged singleminded desire to take anyone who looks down on her and rub their faces in the dirt until they grovel at her feet for mercy.

Kyoko still has a naieve side, she's only sixteen and she has always loved princess and fairy stories like Cinderella where the poor girl in rags turns into a beautiful princess, marries a wonderful prince and everyone in the kingdom loves her. Her hobby is looking at cosmetics (she can't afford them but she wants to some day!). She has also taken up the hobby of making curse dolls that look like the people she hates. She can't afford real curse dolls so she sews them herself with great detail. It has a calming effect and sometimes she'll use them to act out scenes of her vengence.. Kyoko has a weakness for all things fantastic. She sometimes drifts into her own private Lala land thinking about faries and elves.

Her current main rivals are Sho Fuwa (singer/former friend and love interest), Ren Tsuruga (an actor) and Kanae Kotonami (reluctant best friend/actress)

Any powers we ought to know about: Kyoko has little demon spirits that she calls out when she's really angry. Sho metaphorically let these loose when he broke her spirit. These represent all her negative energy and sometimes people can even sense her forbidding aura. They have the ability to send chills down peoples spines and sometimes even hold them in place (called Kanashibari) if Kyoko is determined to keep them there. The people who are spirit sensitive will probably be able to see them as a swirly cloud of doom around her or tiny little Kyokos others will just get that prickly feeling like the boogey man is waiting just behind Kyoko to kill them. They're actually pretty harmless themselves, just forbidding. Occasionally when she gets mad she'll chuck one at someone and they'll feel it hit.

Example Entry or link to previous roleplay:


Date: 2013-01-27 11:02 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] gosh_ilovearrows
gosh_ilovearrows: (Default)
Character Name: Hawkeye ( Clint Barton )
Character Source: Marvel Universe
Link to character source info:

Basic info about your character: Clint Barton was once an orphan, who didn't really run away, but sort of - kind of - found himself in the circus. His background isn't a happy one, but it made him grow up a tough little bugger. He became a man who always tries to do the right thing, no matter what repercussions befall him. This leads him into some murky waters where he's first perceived as a villain. After being recruited he later becomes a key member of the Avengers alongside fellow heroes like Captain America and Iron Man.

While Hawkeye is only human, he's trained himself to peak condition. He's able to hit any target he aims for, or so he boasts. His weapon of choice is always a bow and wide variety of trick arrows.

Clint is a wanderer, constantly moving from one thing to the next. He's changed hero titles ( becoming GiantMan and Ronin for a time ) and for a long time even faked being dead to stay off the grid. Along with his drifting ways, Clint is a Casanova. He loves flirting and mischief ; getting into more trouble than he can rightly handle wherever he goes.

Hawkeye currently resides in an apartment building he found himself the owner of due to ridiculous circumstances and remains off the grid for the most part. Or as off the grid as an ex-super hero can manage. His secret identity is not public as of yet.

Any powers we ought to know about: Hawkeye has no real powers, but he's very capable physically. He's excels in acrobatics thanks to his time in the circus. Clint is quite strong, as his bow weighs a ridiculous amount in the comics.(250lbs) He's a grand master marksman and has been trained in combat by Captain America. He also has a reputation for turning literally anything into a weapon.

Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: ( I was Watanuki "tastytoyoukai" )
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Date: 2013-01-27 07:59 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] exorcisms_2000yen
exorcisms_2000yen: (Default)
Character Name: Asahina Mutsuki
Character Source: Haunted Junction)
Link to character source info:http://
Basic info about your character: The name Saito High strikes fear into the hearts of exorcists everywhere. It is famous for it’s ghosts including but not limited to the school’s seven wonders (ghosts), their pool’s own seven wonders and an ever increasing number of spirits due to their school’s chairman’s hobby which is collecting haunted and occult related items. By the way, the chairman, he’s also a spirit.

Asahina is one of three members of Saito High’s Holy Student Council which consists of Haruto Houjo the son of a Christian Minister, Kazumi Ryudo the son of a Buddhist Monk and herself, Aasahina Mutsuki, the a daughter of a Shinto Priest. As a Shrine Priestess, she has very strong spiritual powers which she uses daily exorcising spirits from Kazuki, the ghost magnet of the group; however she’s not actually very devout.

Asahina generally has a laid back personality but she does get impatient at times and rushes through things without really thinking too much about them. She’s also blunt, a bit of a slacker and often violent. There are a few things that she is very passionate about and can be bribed by including traveling, money and all things related to cute little boys between the ages of ten and twelve. Yes, Asahina has an intense shota complex which is a huge waste of her natural curvy assets. She directs a lot of her affection at Nino, the spirit of Ninomiya Sontoku statue because he’s forever 11 years old. And by affection I mean bossing him around, forcing him into ‘bishounen’ shorts and other more inappropriate things…

Any powers we ought to know about: Due to her abilities she is able to see ghosts. Asahina wields a haraigushi (prayer stick) which she uses to exorcize spirits from people. She can also just use her fist for lesser spirits.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: I played Nanami here at LI, please excuse the icon fail as a lot of them reverted to the default icon, I promise they were more fitting before.

Re: Asahina

Date: 2013-01-28 07:12 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] exorcisms_2000yen
exorcisms_2000yen: (Default)
LOL will do.

Date: 2013-01-30 10:01 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] wilderness_explorer
wilderness_explorer: (wave)
Character Name: Russell
Character Source: Up!
Link to character source info: Most of what you could ever need to know about Russell is summed up beautifully in this clip:
Basic info about your character: Russell is an American Wilderness Explorer, a child in an organisation designed to teach kids how to service their community and the environment. He is a child from divorced parents, with an often absent father. Despite this disappointment, Russell maintains an overly cheery, eager disposition and is always excited to take life at its fullest. He is extremely enthusiastic about his activities as a Wilderness Scout, though he possibly overestimates his actual skill level, or the usefulness of said skills (the saying 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing' applies).
He enters Living Island as a Senior Wilderness Explorer, having earned all his badges and recently returning from an epic adventure with his new friend Mr Fredricksen (an old man who at first wished Russell would go away, but now acts as a surrogate father). He's perhaps a little wiser... But not by much.
Any powers we ought to know about: No.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: And here I was thinking I would get away with being super mysterious, but I don't want to give away my first entry with Russell yet: (Jack)

I'm going to be on and off with Russell depending on my availability, will be sure to send him adventuring off and go on hiatus as appropriate.
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Jack Frost

Date: 2013-02-10 07:59 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] snowballs_andfuntimes
snowballs_andfuntimes: (Default)
Character Name: Jack Frost
Character Source: Rise of the Guardians
Link to character source info:
Basic info about your character: Jack Frost is the fun-loving, mischief-making, snowball-throwing teen-aged spirit of winter. A newly-christened 'Guardian', Jack works with his friends - other childhood legends - to protect the children of the world... and to make their lives just a little more fun. Guardian he may be, but Jack isn't one to follow the rules or expectations of others. He would much rather spend his time playing - and getting kids out of school with well-timed snow days, as well.

Jack wasn't always a Guardian. He was a human, once, but when he woke as Jack Frost he had no memories of his human life. He and his fellow Guardians worked together to defeat Pitch - also known as the Boogey Man - and stop him and his nightmares from replacing the children's happiness with fear, and they watch over the children still. He regained his memories during this time, and learned that he had died saving the life of his younger sister, and that even as a human, he was well-known for his pranks and fun-loving attitude. As a Guardian, Jack is only visible to those children who believe in him - to everyone else, he is unseen and unheard. He lived like this for many hundreds of years, until finally, a young boy named Jaime learned to believe in him, and was the first human to see him since he became Jack Frost.

Jack currently lives anywhere and everywhere - wherever the wind takes him! Mostly, though, he hangs out around Jaime's town. The kids there are pretty fun.
Any powers we ought to know about: Know that phrase about Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Yeah, well, he's not actually biting you - that would just be weird - but he's pretty good at chilly breezes and making it snow all the same. He has a staff that amplifies his abilities, and he uses it to spread frost on the windows, to make the pipes freeze, and make it snow just enough that the roads won't be clear in time for school to open up for the day. He also throws a mean snowball - and his aren't ordinary snowballs. They give the person they hit a little attitude adjustment - and make the fun times begin! He also has a pretty sweet deal going with the wind; he wants to go, it takes him. Not quite effortless flight, but hey, it does the trick.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: (username: wildwingboys )
Edited Date: 2013-02-10 08:00 pm (UTC)

Re: Jack Frost

Date: 2013-02-11 04:03 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] snowballs_andfuntimes
snowballs_andfuntimes: (don't even try it)
Well, this is new...

So, I woke up in the middle of some trees, with no idea how I got here, and this cute little fella was hanging on to me...

... and he won't let go.

He was cute for the first ten minutes or so, but he won't let go.

Like... really. Will. Not. Let. Go.

I've done everything I can think of - pulled and pushed and pried at him with a branch. He won't let go.

So... does anyone know what he is and how to get him off without hurting him? I'm open to suggestions.

Before he pees on me or something.

Re: Jack Frost

Date: 2013-02-11 06:44 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] snowballs_andfuntimes
snowballs_andfuntimes: (Default)
ooc: Quick question before I jump in - is Jack visible or invisible to the other residents of The Island?

Re: Jack Frost

Date: 2013-02-11 06:50 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] snowballs_andfuntimes
snowballs_andfuntimes: (Default)
ooc: Will do, sounds good! Thanks.


Date: 2013-02-19 02:24 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] goblinborn
goblinborn: (See that?)
Character Name: Harry Osborn (New Goblin)
Character Source: Spider-man 3 (Raimiverse movies, although filling the cracks with knowledge from the Comicverse.)
Link to character source info:
Basic info about your character: Harry was born to Emily and Norman Osborn, heir to a big and important weapons production company called Oscorp. One would think it's great, being the son of a CEO, being rich from the moment you're born. But Norman had lost his wife to Harry; Emily had fallen ill soon after Harry's birth, and had passed away after a year of bedrest. Harry was forced to live in his father's shadow, always trying and failing to gain his approval and being raised mainly by the mansion's staff. Consequently Harry was not given a very straightforward set of morals; he was taught to put business in front of everything, care only for himself, and take whatever he wants. But, being him, he retained that need for attention, the need to prove himself, to do anything as long as he could make someone proud.
As he entered public high school, after flunking every private school he'd ever been sent to, Harry became very popular. Mostly because he was rich and willing to throw it around to get the other kids to like him. Then he met Peter Parker; a boy who he innitially thought just saw himself as too cool to be around others, but quickly realized was just a victim of perpetual bullying. They became fast friends, and soon Harry was willing to get the crap beaten out of him to defend Peter from others. This backfired on him just as fast, as Norman assumed he was now being a rebel and getting into fights on purpose for attention.
Harry has been shown to be a sensitive soul; he moped to his friend Gwen on several occasions about how much he worries about his father. He is very affectionate to Peter, to the extent that guys are allowed to be in American society. He even wrote a play for Mary Jane Watson, as a sign of his attraction to her. Despite a short temper and questionable family life, he is rather sweet to his friends and doesn't mind bragging about how nice other people are, although his opinion of himself is pretty low thanks to his father.
Soon after he graduated high school, he lost his father in a battle of supers; his father had turned himself into the Green Goblin using Oscorp technology, and had been killed while attempting to murder Spiderman, the local vigilante. Harry was shattered by his loss; although he had constantly been shoved aside, Norman Osborn had meant the world to him. He immediately vowed to get Spiderman killed at any cost... and proceeded to discovered that Spiderman was infact Peter Parker once his plans came through. This made him jump to the obvious conclusion: that Peter had killed Harry's father, on purpose. With this in mind Harry followed his father's footsteps in taking the Goblin serum and gaining the hallucinations, the enhancements and an even shorter temper.
With this to aid him, Harry donned the new and improved flight suit and glider and went off to attack Peter. Their battle ended in the destruction of part of a brick building, plus serious brain injury and amnesia for Harry. He forgot Spiderman's identity, most of what he knew about his father and his friends, and a few other miscelanious memories. In this state he became innocent and carefree again, acting as if the events of the previous three movies had never happened, possibly becoming what he might have been without the influence from his father. It's this state that he'll be entering the island in, before his memories are returned in a moment of weakness.
As he currently is, Harry is a bright and high-spirited man. He makes a joke out of anything he can, to cheer others up and make them loosen up. Tension makes him nervous; in the back of his mind he is aware that self-pity and weakness will bring bad memories to mind. Unfortunately, the nervousness makes him ill-tempered and moody, as he has no idea how to bring the mood up past a certain point and is hopelessly irritated by his own short-comings. He tends to only see the good things in life, but forcefully so; he is fiercely loyal and loves telling others how great his friends are, but if he is reminded something that is wrong with his life he will snap at the one who has brought it up until they sidestep the topic. He is also shown to be rather snarky, and can still be very cheerful and caring despite his impatient nature. Though because everything seems to be a joke to him and he constantly pushes down the importance of anything negative, he often comes off as insensitive and rude. At least his two friends can tell the difference.
Harry loves like a puppy; he shows his affection whimsically and is totally bemused when others don't like him. He's happy to hold someone's hand, but constantly spurred by the fear that he's not doing enough and acting cold like his father, into going past his comfort zone to show how nice he is. With girls especially he comes off as overly flirtateous and touchy-feely, and he's been called a few rude synonyms for feminine by guys. He defends without thinking, barking at others without thinking of how he'll deal with retaliation. And often after outbursts he will reclude, hide away from the side of him that is not as cheery and friendly as he wants to be. He sees Mary Jane and Peter as his idols; two people who, despite everything that he is, still care about him. And therefore are more important to him than anything on earth. If either of them is upset and needs comfort, he is quick to put anything he's doing on hold simply to spend time with them and be there for them in any way they need.
Any powers we ought to know about: At the beginning of the third movie he was injected with a performance enhancer labeled the "Goblin serum"; it upgrades all aspects of the inhaler including muscle strength, muscle endurance, agility, spacial awareness, intelligence, confidence, temper, fighting spirit and so on, and has caused hallucinations and insanity to anyone exposed to the vapor.
He is also equipped with a flight suit that features retractable metal spikes along one arm, and a glider ressembling a snowboard that comes with a sword, more spikes, and a nice array of pumpkin bombs (which range in use from heat-seeking missles to time-bombs to nets).
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: In which Harry has a very, very weird day.


Date: 2013-04-06 01:52 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] witchshouse
witchshouse: (my sickness was going to kill me)
Character Name: Viola
Character Source: The Witch's House
Link to character source info:
Basic info about your character: Viola is a very sweet and kind girl. Shes willing to do nearly anything for a friend, even when the thing is switching bodies with her dying friend, Ellen the Witch. She's very brave and friendly.Viola is a very smart and witty young lady. She can handle gore, unlike most 13 year olds. She's even taken part in some.

In the game, Viola died in Ellens body. But for the sake of the game, I'm going to say Viola got her body back from Ellen and escaped the house, leaving her former friend behind in her own body. Shes still the same Viola she was before, but she still has nightmares about the house, and sometimes, just for a second she can see Ellen in the corner of her eye. She's cautious about making friends, due to her past with Ellen. You're lucky if you're able to befriend her.

She gets uncomfortable around teddy bears. Just because it was the first thing she encountered when she entered the house, one of the monsters she was chased by.

She also turns paintings over when nobodys looking, due to the fact that she was also chased around by a painting of the Mona Lisa. She turns them when nobodys looking for the sake of being polite.

Viola carries around a small pair of sissors with her, for safety purposes. She can't really wield anything else.

Any powers we ought to know about: Nope.
Example Entry or link to previous roleplay: (I haven't played her anywhere, yet. So I'm going to just write a short entry.)

Viola sits up from her bed, yawning and looking over her small room. Everything is neatly sorted, except for one corner of the room, where several, if not all of the teddy bears from her father are pushed and tied up. She places both feet on the floor and slides off her bed, heading towards her dresser. On the way, she passes several paintings, turned facing the wall. Viola made her way downstairs for breakfast, where her father stood, finishing up the bacon and placing it on the table. She replied with a thank you and finished it, headed back upstairs to her room.

Viola took a large garbage bag and placed all her paintings, and teddy bears in it, dragging it out of the house, by slipping by her father and placing it in the yard with a free sign on it, then proceeded back up into her room, where she collapsed to the bed again. Everything from the house was real. Although it all looked to be nothing more than a nightmare while it was happening, it was all very, very real.

But she needed to live in the moment. That was in the past. She was home. Safe.


Viola makes her way over to the window, pulling open the curtains and looking outside. It was so bright and wonderful. She could just make out the sillouhette of the witch's house behind the trees. She frowned and shook her head. That was over. Viola smiled and inhaled deeply.

Today was a brand new day.
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